About the golf tournament

The WACT4BBB Tournament is built around a series of handicapped team events over two stages under the normal rules of golf.

To play in this tournament you must

  1. Form a team of four amateur golfers
  2. Have one qualified captain.
  3. All members of the team must hold current golf link cards
  4. Must belong to the same golf course as a member
  5. No team can have more than 2 A Grade or 2 C Grade players.  For example:  AABB (eligible), AACC (eligible), ABBB (eligible), BBBB (eligible), ABCC (eligible), AAAB (ineligible), ACCC (ineligible)
  6. Pay a small entrance fee to participate in the event. $25 (GST exclusive) per qualifying trial.

After signing up, your team can participate in 6 rounds across 32 weeks at your designated local club for a chance to be flown from Melbourne, with all expenses paid, to Tasmania to represent your club and state and play in our finals tournament.

Handicap standards ( Golf Australia )

  • A Grade up to GA handicap 11.2
  • B Grade is 11.3 to 17.6 GA Handicap
  • C Grade would then be 17.7 GA handicap and above 


The Australia/World Amateur 4BBB Champions Tournament Final: 11 November 2025 to 17 November 2025. The finals of the WACT4BBB will be played across four of the best and most recognised courses in Australia;

  • Barnbougle Lost Farm
  • Barnbougle Dunes
  • Cape Wickham, and
  • Ocean Dunes

By joining you’ll get to live out your dream of being a professional golfer on ‘tour’ and get a chance at winning a coveted purple jacket and the title of Australia’s best 4BBB amateur team. And at worst, you’ll have a great excuse to play 6 more rounds than usual with some mates at your local club – it’s a win-win either way!

The winners of the 2025 tournament automatically qualify (free of charge) to defend their title in 2026.


20 teams across Australia will earn their Golden Ticket, to compete in the finals based on their total score throughout the prior qualifying trials. 

Two Golden Tickets can be won:

  1. As a lucky draw from all the first teams signed up from each club 
  2. As a lucky draw from all team player cards entered


There are 3 qualifying trials with  6 qualifying rounds throughout 2025 to allow for some down time between games

Qualifying Trial 


 Entry fee ( GST exclusive)

Qualifying Trial 1

 January/February/March   Round 1/Round 2


Qualifying Trial 2

April/May/June    Round 3/Round 4


Qualifying Trial 3

 July/August/September  Round 5/Round 6



Each qualifying trial will start with the Qualifying Round where one of your team qualifies as captain by finishing 1st, 2nd or 3rd in either A, B or C grade in your clubs monthly medal round. 

The second round in each qualifying trial is the Captain + Team Qualifying Round.

Each team must complete each two-month qualifying trial before starting a new qualifying trial. Each team can enter one qualifying trial or as many qualifying trials as they wish, each time a team enters a qualifying trial it will pay the $25 (GST exclusive) entry fee.

Remember, even if you don’t qualify, complete both rounds and enter both cards for your chance to win the lucky draw Golden Tickets (a place at the finals).



All amateur golfers (who are members of a private club and hold a golf link number handicap) can form a team, if one player of the team qualifies by placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the monthly medal (1st WACT4BBB Qualifier) of their grade, then that player becomes the captain of the team and takes the team to round two.

If more than one player of the team qualifies, then it is the highest qualifying player that shall be the Captain EG; player A comes 2nd and player B comes 1st, players C and D did not place. As 1st beats 2nd, player B would be the Qualified Captain.

All four members of the team record their positions/placing in both the Monthly Medal and WACT4BBB fields then entered on the WACT4BBB scorecard online. This becomes the Team’s score for round one.


Led by your captain, your team will play and score each member of the team’s position/place in the second Monthly Medal round/( second WACT4BBB Qualifier) across the field. This completes round two. The two Qualifying Rounds are combined to make the teams scores easy.

After each qualifying  rounds, the Golden Tickets will be won and sent out!

These rounds (the Qualifying Round and the one Captain + Team Qualifying Round) Can be completed two more times to total 6 rounds over 32 weeks, but you can choose to enter only one qualifier or all three to see if your team can earn a golden ticket!

Sounds easy enough right? You probably play more golf than that in your sleep! After you’ve completed all your qualifying rounds and recorded your scores it’s then time to cross your fingers and picture yourself wearing a coveted purple jacket getting flown around Tasmania’s best golf courses.