The golf rules

Cape Wickham

What is 'Best Ball'?

The ‘Best ball’ format in golf involves teams competing against each other in a tournament setting. Each player within the team maintains their own ball throughout the round.

Following each hole, the team records the lowest score achieved among all players for that specific hole as the team’s score. This setup ensures that even if one player on the team performs poorly on a hole, the team can still benefit from the better scores of other players.

The team’s final score is calculated by summing up the lowest scores from each individual hole. This format enables players to focus on their own performance while contributing to the team’s overall score. It is a popular choice for both competitive and casual golf tournaments.

Teamwork is important

Under the ‘Best Ball’ format, you should always back your teammate and communicate accurately and appropriately. Only the best score on each hole will count towards the total team score. The team with the lowest score at the end of the round will be declared the winnerTrust your teammates’ golfing skill level, and be ready to face all new challenges.